Our Mattress Cleaning Service

Here at Midtown Carpet Cleaning Services as part of our Upholstery cleaning service we will also clean your mattresses. Health care experts state that dirty mattresses can greatly affect your sleep and your overall health. Mattresses like other upholstered furniture can collect dust, dirt and debris and is subject to stains and odors from spills and small children and pets who may climb on your bed as well as perspiration, hair and body oils. While the odors can interrupt a restful night’s sleep the dust that collects in mattress upholstery can become airborne each time you turn in bed, where it reduces the purity of your room’s air quality and can be breathed in by you as sleep, which can affect your health. If you are long overdue for a mattress cleaning Jersey City Carpet Cleaners is your ticket to a more restful and healthy sleep.

Mattress Cleaning Process

These same experts will tell you that having your mattresses steamed cleaned two or three times a year will remove the dirt, stains and odors and improve the air quality of your bedroom. In addition, steam cleaning will also keep germs and bacteria that is hiding in your mattresses.

The Importance Of Using Our Organic Cleaners On Your Mattresses

We can clean your bedroom mattresses along with the other upholstered items in your home or clean your upholstery or mattresses separately in order to better meet your needs.

We Offer Both Commercial and Residential Mattress Cleaning

We serve our customers by offering both residential and commercial mattresses cleaning services. If you are interested in mattress cleaning, schedule a free consultation at (646) 776-1550.

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